Poem by Sheila

10 Jan 2020. – So pleased to hear you speaking and singing again, Sheila – your voice was gone for quite sometime and this poem shares it with us.

I lost my voice this Christmas.
I lost my voice this Christmas,
Where oh where’s it gone?
It was working well on Friday then Saturday all went wrong.
My mouth still shuts and opens and tries to make the words,
But all else has disappeared, not a peep is heard.
If someone else has found it, I’d really like it back,
I’ve grown accustomed to its pitch and tone, always seemed on track.
It wasn’t the best of voices but nor was it the worst,
It’s range just really suited me and I would rate it first.
It excelled at giggling and laughter, could really tell a joke,
Family and friends recognised it along with other folk.
Now I can’t  even whisper, not a croak or groan,
Makes me feel a bit isolated, silent on my own.
I can’t even hum, let alone sing, all really most bizarre,
Can’t communicate close by, let alone from afar.
When my voice heals and repairs I’ll welcome it back again,
I’ll value it most dearly and will try a short refrain.
Marie’s given me an exercise blowing bubbles down a straw,
Tony says a snorkel in the bath will heal my voice for sure.
I’m letting it rest, giving it time, it worked very hard just lately,
When it returns I’ll respect it more and enjoy it oh so greatly.