Privacy policy

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) now require all organizations, that includes choirs, holding personal data relating to persons in the EU to implement ‘reasonable data protection measures’ to protect against loss, or exposure of, data. Any breaches are liable to substantial fines. Said regulations will come into force on 25th May 2018.

Currently, I hold contact details comprising of name, email address and phone number, and some choir members have also uploaded a photograph to their membership page, to enable each choir individual to be contacted re choir activities. This information is never shared with any third party, nor will it be and is stored on a password protected computer and a few members phone numbers are also stored on my mobile phone – also password protected. Your contact details are held as part of your choir membership and should you cease to be a member of the choir, will be removed forthwith.

All emails sent to choir members have just one person in the initial address line (undisclosed recipient), all other names are BCC (blind carbon copied) and email addresses cannot be ‘shared’ without express consent of involved parties. I will not give out email addresses without your explicit consent.

Under the new legislation, I am now required to have your consent. This is because I have to have ‘an audit trail’ on all contacts. Therefore, can you please read this, and agree to the privacy and cookies policy on this web site.

You may of course (at any time) request the removal of your details from my files but under the new legislation, that will also terminate your ability to receive any information relating to the choir. This in turn means that since you choose to be un-contactable, it will be your responsibility to stay informed of all choir activities, rehearsal changes and concert information, music charges etc.