• December 2023
    CEO, St John’s Charity, Winchester
    I have seen you four or five times and each time you raise your game. I don’t know what it is you do as a choir but whatever it is, you should bottle it. It’s the joy, the great sound, the great songs. You exude joy and we all feel it. It is an uplifting experience. Long may you continue spreading joy and we look forward to your return.
  • Comment from Marie:
    Our raisin d’etre is joy. When I started the Amazing Fusion Choir, the vision was clear – to encourage and spread joy in singer and audience. The above comment is the vision witnessed, felt and experienced and given voice. Thanks for this comment, it is a gift.
    Thanks to every member of the Amazing Fusion Choir for their beautiful voices harmonising as one, for being joyfully amazing, and for singing and bringing the vision to earth.
  • A quote from a member of the audience at the Christmas concert:
    The Fusion Choir certainly know how to entertain in the most fun and uplifting way – and the harmonies and singing is amazing – I thought I was coming to listen to just another choir but what I find here is something unique – the embracing of the whole community.  And I have loved it and will be back for more.
  • You have cheered me up, brightened my day.  I loved watching you and the choir having a great time and sounding so good. I just loved it.  
  • January 2023
  • December 2022
    Wow! I knew you were good, but I didn’t know you were this good – you were outstanding (comment after our Christmas concert).
  • June 2022
    A new member, Pauline, sent me an email with these words – I LOVE THE CHOIR 
  • January 2022
    What a joy to be singing again with our lovely choir.  
  • Pre 2020 comments:
    We saw you at your last concert and cannot wait to see you again – you spread joy wherever you go.
    A comment from someone at the Hatfair
  • Marie is a life enhancer…she has certainly enhanced my life by starting this choir.
  • I look forward to Friday Choir.  I leave smiling and eager for more.  Roll on Fridays.
  • The choir uplifts, unites and delights.  I feel part of something very special and my voice has changed over the months – it now feels confident and relaxed.
  • Marie does what she does best and that is to bring out the love and laughter in people through singing!  Sallie Eades.
  • The concerts are always very joyful and uplifting and I leave feeling better for having been in the audience.  One day, maybe, I will graduate to the choir! Audience member at Wells For India Concert.
  • I had a tooth out on Thursday which left me with stitches. I could not really open my mouth on Friday but thought choir would take my mind off it. Half way through choir I realised I was opening my mouth with ease and my mind had been taken of it. Thank you for the healing properties of singing. Dodie, choir member.
  • Subject: choir a great way to destress and have fun.
    Thank you Marie for the joy you give to us all at choir on Friday, we so look forward to attending.  You do make us laugh. It certainly has been good in lowering my blood pressure to normal limits over the last six months – it was high and is now normal.  I do feel so relaxed and fullfiled after our last song, and always want another one.  Thank you Marie and all the choir for making me very welcome. Kind Regards, Rita
  • Quote from new choir memberThis is bonkers!
    (What a compliment – it made us laugh).
  • Thank you, Marie, for the opportunity to sing in the choir. I am proud and honoured to sing with a fantastic bunch of people.  My confidence has grown since starting choir and I cannot thank you enough for all the support and encouragement that you give to each and everyone of us. Mandy.
  • What others are saying about us http://chandlersfordtoday.co.uk/eastleigh-mardi-gras-2014/#comment-101014
    In Chandlers Ford Today.
    The choir members really had fun. It was enjoyable listening to them singing at the bandstand. They also involved the audience. The joy through their voice and body movement was contagious. No wonder they pulled large crowds.
  • Choir members comments After loosing my dear wife to cancer last year, I decided to look to join a choir. I did try other choir’s in the area, but they were not for me. I wanted something uplifting and I found that with EFC. I love it. Happy faces, friendly people and having the chance to talk to other members during the tea break, I find that very important. I look forward very much to Tuesday evenings. Thank you. Lionel
  • Came for the first time on Tuesday. Don’t know what it was – maybe all the smiling faces, the wonderful sound you all made, the chaos of it all – but I’ll be back next week for more! Lin
  • The choir is the highlight of my week, I love it.  Tuesday is now called Tunesday.
  • A quote from a member of the audience at a concert: How do you do it?  How do you make the audience feel that they are part of the choir?  I was given permission to sing, invited to sing and I sang because the choir encouraged all to sing and the joy of the choir is so contagious all I wanted to do was sing.  That is unheard off – it’s a first .  How do you do it?
  • Comment to Marie from a member of the audience. Light and shade – that’s what the experience of this choir is about for me.  I’ve listened to many choirs but your choir sings the story of every song with light and shade.  The choir respond by singing sweetly, then loud with abandon and we, the audience, are drawn into the joy of it all.  I simply loved the performance and as I watched you lead your choir I marveled at the attention of all the choir to the directions and nuances.  Oh, I wish I had a recording of this to watch over and over again.  I loved it.
  • Written by Stephanie Meikle, Eastleigh