Great rehearsal on Wednesday…..sounding ready and looking and sounding good….enjoy. An enormous thank you to choir members who have welcomed choir into their homes for rehearsals….and to all who have shared their musical knowledge, and to those who are helping in any way to make this concert amazing. Thank you to the choir committee who have worked diligently organising often that which is unseen but makes for a smooth experience. I feel the benefit of all your support and love and kindness. Thank you to all for all you are doing.


A few points about our songs:
1. Ding dong merrily on high – lots of singers gather on altar, a few walk down sides of church and join all on stage, Lorraine and Veronica will lead the wings.
2. I will introduce you, we all bow, applaud, Fr Tom will welcome us
3. And we are off into our concert ……
4. When a child is born – now changed – choir harmonies are quiet and gentle, the last part choir hum and only one (not three) ‘this comes to pass’ is sung by the leaders and one final, ‘when a child is born’ – then Sheila recites her beautiful poem.
5. Joanne and John lead us into Golden Slumbers – they sing first verse then pull back from the microphone and we all quietly sing together ‘Golden slumbers fill your eyes’ etc. At verse, ‘once there was a way’ all singers drop back and sing quietly so that the Alto harmony can be heard. At end, Joanne & John come back to the microphone and the last ‘I will sing a lullaby’ is sung by just Joanne and John.
6. Adiemus – I will play the start note (A) on the piano – this note will be sung as an ‘mmm’ then ‘ah’ the other notes.
7. Joy to the world – bells/rattles and will call all singers back, gather on altar, we start singing immediately.
8. River – singers will move to front of choir, all choir will step back to allow them space. Chris will play guitar. I will leave the podium for Heather to conduct. All girls sing jingle bells, low group and all sing the last line of the verse where bold on sheet.
9. Driving home for Christmas has been speeded up – it sounds so much better. Sopranos finish with Do do do while all hold the last note.
10. Run is our last number
11. Make your own kind of music is our encore followed by ‘we wish you a merry Christmas’ sung 3 times as walking off stage. Music will start playing after our third ‘we wish you a merry Christmas’ just keep walking and waving and smiling.
12. And the most important part of all of this – just ENJOY. Enjoy it all – we are so very ready, you have prepared well – so just breathe, relax, sing, smile and enjoy.

An enormous THANK YOU to John Bennett, from the Eastleigh Fusion Choir, for the raffle prizes given to both Eastleigh and Winchester Fusion Choirs. John is a pilot and glider instructor and he has given us the most excellent prize of a glider flight. And, thank you to everyone who has contributed prizes, the raffle is abundant. Thank you to so many who are working diligently to make the Christmas concert a huge success.


Wednesday, 4th December
Rehearsal for concert at:
St Peter’s pastoral centre from 1.30pm-5.30pm with a few tea/coffee breaks
Friday, 6th December
NO choir practice on day of concert to allow us to be rested. Rehearse St Peter’s 5.15pm duet/poet/group/instrumental Choir on stage and ready at 5.45pm
Friday, 13th December
Choir sessions as normal and Christmas party between 3-4pm
Monday, 16th December
Christmas songs and carols to the residents and friends of St John’s care home – Nancy organising
Wednesday, 18th December
Christmas carols we love for half an hour in St Peter’s Church then we will join the Dementia group and friends for a mince pies and tea – Maureen organising
Carol Suggestions: Christmas Carol (Laudete)
133 – While shepherds watched
137 – Away in a manger
136 – Silent night
128 – Once in royal David’s city
150 – The first Nowell
144 – In the bleak midwinter
134 – On Christmas night all Christians sing
145 – What child is this
151 – See amid the winter’s snow
141 – Ding dong merrily on high
159 – O come all ye faithful
Friday, 20th December
Final choir session of 2019

Other dates: Singers wanted at Winchester Hospital – speak to Anne Whitmarsh. Wednesday 11th December, 10.30 to 12noon – only 6 singers needed. The Winchester Hospital Chaplain, Rev Christine would really appreciate if a small number of Choir members could join the weekly Chapel Coffee Morning to sing Carols alongside elderly patients who will be brought from the Wards to enjoy a little festive event. Thursday 19th December – open to all. Singers are invited by the Hospital Chaplaincy Team to sing Carols around the Hospital Wards. Please meet in the Hospital Chapel at 6pm, ready to sing on the Wards at 6.30pm.

ADIEMUS: PLEASE NOTE – when you sing this a few times you will really get it – we sang it at the workshop and this song will be an amazing piece for our repertoire forever and a day.
This is for 4 voices – the sopranos sing from the very beginning – they only split at the a -ya-coo-ah-eh – that is when it becomes 5 voices. Just listen to Sop1&2 and we will piece the parts together at choir.

Sop1 …
Sop2 …
Alto …
Tenor …
Bass …

MESSAGE FROM MAUREEN: Thought you may want to know what happened to the £1001 that the SVP received from the 2018 Christmas concert……it went to fund days out to a Friends of the Family toddler group to Finkley Farm, an older children’s trip to Calshott, a single dad’s group visit to Marwell Zoo, donated towards a summer camp for 2 children and this week we are taking 8 Home Start families to the sea-side! So that money has brought joy to so many families. Thank you choir!!