RUN – from the concert.

An enormous thank you to Nancy for liasing with the Wesley church and for all her help in getting the concert organised, and everything that entails. Thank you to Jim, Phillipa’s husband, for his help in moving the staging and thanks to Nancy, Liam, Tony, Chris and Anne Ardill’s husband, and others for their help. And thank you to Anne Parry for storing the staging. The moving of the staging was a team effort and a big thanks – I know I have missed naming people – but to all -THANK YOU.

I am not sure what you think, but I think this concert was tremendous. Well done everyone – the feedback from the audience was excellent. Most spoke of the joy eminating from the choir. Such a good vibe from all. £900 raised for the charities. It doesn’t come much better than that! XXX

Thanks to Liam for the great photos – there are lots – here are a few.