We saw you at your last concert and cannot wait for your next concert – you spread joy wherever you go.

You have cheered me up, brightened my day.  I loved watching you and the choir having a great time and sounding so good. I just loved it.  You have made my day.
A comment from someone at the Hatfair

Marie is a life enhancer…she has certainly enhanced my life by starting this choir.

I look forward to Friday Choir.  I leave smiling and eager for more.  Roll on Fridays.

The choir uplifts, unites and delights.  I feel part of something very special and my voice has changed over the months – it now feels confident and relaxed.

Marie does what she does best and that is to bring out the love and laughter in people through singing!  Sallie Eades.

The concerts are always very joyful and uplifting and I leave feeling better for having been in the audience.  One day, maybe, I will graduate to the choir! Audience member at Wells For India Concert.

A quote from a member of the audience at the Christmas concert:
The Winchester Fusion Choir certainly know how to entertain in the most fun and uplifting way – and the harmonies and singing is amazing – I thought I was coming to listen to another choir but what I find here is something unique – the embracing of the whole community.  And I have loved it and will be back for more.  

I had a tooth out on Thursday which left me with stitches. I could not really open my mouth on Friday but thought choir would take my mind off it. Half way through choir I realised I was opening my mouth with ease and my mind had been taken of it. Thank you for the healing properties of singing. Dodie, choir member.

Subject: choir a great way to destress and have fun.
Thank you Marie for the joy you give to us all at choir on Friday, we so look forward to attending.  You do make us laugh. It certainly has been good in lowering my blood pressure to normal limits over the last six months – it was high and is now normal.  I do feel so relaxed and fullfiled after our last song, and always want another one.  Thank you Marie and all the choir for making me very welcome. Kind Regards, Rita

Quote from new choir memberThis is bonkers!
(What a compliment – it made us laugh).