Dear friends of the Fusion Choir who have not been able to return to choir and for those interested in finding out about the Fusion Choir. As only current choir members have access to our members pages, blog, songs and guidelines, and we know you want to keep up to date with all that is happening in the choir, we have created this page for that purpose. So here are some ramblings.

ARE YOU A SOPRANO?: Winchester has a lovely soprano section but we need a few more. If you are considering joining the choir, get in touch, come along for a taster session and sing with us.

14 May 2022
We have a few new songs.
Our new a Capella song is sounding good. A gentle song suggested by Barbara – a Zulu song for peace. Just a few adjustments to the caller part and you will hear it at our next concert.
A 70’s classic song is being harmonised, Chris is playing guitar. You will be able to sing along at our next concert.
And one other great new song, we are giving nothing away. You will have to come to our next concert to hear it. 🎶🎶

This term:
Three new members have joined Eastleigh.
Four new members have joined Winchester.

12 May 2022
We meet to sing tomorrow and quite a few of our members are on holiday – seems it is holiday season.

11 May 2022
Thanks to everyone who sang at the Memory Club, both Eastleigh and Winchester singers gave a great performance to a lovely small group who thoroughly enjoyed the songs and singing. A good afternoon was had by all and it was great to be performing again.

6 May 2022
We sang a new song today, an old classic from the early seventies. Woho, such fun. Some songs are timeless. Do you have a favourite songs from your youth?
Music reminds us of days gone by. Sometimes when we hear a piece of music we know where we were when we first heard it. Just stop and listen to the music that sings in you. Have a great weekend.

26 April
Our term has started. If you want to join us, contact me and come along for a free session. We will be delighted to meet and sing with you.

  • SUMMER TERM – new members joining later in the term start paying from the point they join.
  • 19th April – 19th July
  • The plan
  • Sing: Tuesday 19th April – 24th May
  • Two weeks break
  • Sing: Tuesday 14th June – 19th July
  • Finish for our summer holiday
  • Sing: There may be singing outside and other events in August
  • 22nd April – 22nd July
  • The plan
  • Sing: Friday 22nd April – 27th May
  • Two weeks break
  • Sing: Friday 17th June – 22nd July
  • We finish for our summer holiday.
  • Sing: There may be singing outside and other events in August
  • We have some wonderful new songs to sing this term – come and sing with us.

    To anyone who is considering joining THE FUSION CHOIR, do it. The Fusion Choir repertoire is varied and our singing great. The Fusion Choir has proved to be a lifeline for many throughout lockdown and beyond. Come and join the most amazing group of singers in the South of England.
  • SIGN OF THE TIMES moving on. To everyone who bought a singing mask from FUNKY MASKS, the small family business is closing as their services are no longer required, for now. Hold onto your singers mask, it may become a collectors item!
    We have been learning and singing songs of such beauty that it fills me with joy to hear our wonderful choir sing. The songs are alive in the heart and mind and the sound is beyond words. It feels right, just feels of beauty. I feel more relaxed with our new way of choir and I hope all our beautiful choir do too.
    We have three new wonderful songs – that can be learned leisurely – one of which is a traditional Ukrainian song and another where all proceeds are going to help the Ukrainian people. And we only have three more weeks of choir before our Easter holiday. Wherever you are in the world – sing, sing and sing. Sing songs that uplift and speak to your heart. Singing is good for body, mind and soul.
  • Finding an Abba song that I’ve never heard before has been a journey of discovery.
  • 6th MARCH 2022
    So many great songs to be harmonised……so many harmonies sing inside me….every time i hear a song, I sing in harmony. It’s what I did as a child and continue to do now.
  • 4th MARCH 2022
    Winchester Fusion Choir started back – we had a great afternoon of fabulous singing at both our afternoon choirs.
  • 1st MARCH 2022
    Eastleigh Fusion Choir started back – we had a great evening of fabulous singing.
  • SUNDAY 20th FEBRUARY🎶🎶🎶🎶
    Fusion Choir has proved to be an amazing community of kind, caring and fine people.
    Since I posted that I had Covid, quite a few of the choir members have gone down with Covid. We are all at various degrees of recovery but it has effected everyone in unique ways. And the choir has rallied round to look out for each other. I am humbled by the love and kindness that the choir has extended. We have a Fusion Choir WhatsApp group and various other groups that have kept avenues of contact open. Fusion Choir members have offered to do shopping, pick up prescriptions, cook etc for those with Covid. Members have emailed, sent cards, sent words of encouragement and just enquired and it has been beautiful to observe. This is not just a singing community, this is a community of loving, caring individuals who meet together every week to sing and from that has developed this amazing Fusion Choir community.
    I am now on day 8 of Covid and still testing positive and certainly feel positive. I and many of us are not over this yet. The good news is that some choir members are testing negative and feeling good and some had very few symptoms. We are all different and unique and comparisons cannot be made but I can safely say that we are just so very grateful for the vaccine. Today it was proposed that the 10 day isolation period may be scrapped. I am also absolutely convinced that to scrap the 10 day isolation period is folly. As I approach day 10 and still do not feel well I am certain that, although herd immunity is being sought, it is a calamitous decision to scrap isolation. Time will tell.
  • SUNDAY 13th FEBRUARY: Liam and I do LFT’s every day and yesterday, we tested negative, today, Liam tested negative and I tested positive, twice. So, I have the Coronavirus. As I have to isolate there will be no choirs this week. We will meet again on Tuesday 22nd and Friday 25th February, all being well.
  • Eastleigh on the 8th February
    We had a great night singing two new songs, harmonies sublime and Jan sang a great new harmony on the spot. We may be a smaller choir now but we certainly make a big beautiful sound.
  • Sarah, soprano, fell off her horse, broke her collar bone and eight ribs. She is now home from hospital and recovering. Heal well Sarah.
  • Mandy has been given the all clear. We are all delighted. Such great news.
  • Winchester on the 11th February
    Two great sessions on Friday and the harmonies were fabulous. A good time was had by all.
    Our 1.30pm session is flowing – a big welcome to our new members.
    Our 3.30pm session is fully booked and has a waiting list.

We miss all our choir members who have not been able to return and send you our love.