Sheila sent me this lovely poem, so, with permission, I am posting it to the choir.

Changing times

We are frightened and that has drawn us together,
We are sad and frustrated but this will not last forever.
We are on the cusp of lasting change in how our lives are lived,
Existence as we know it is being questioned and intensely quizzed.
Support and reassurance is always very close by,
Our choir will laugh with us and sustain us when we cry,
We will suffer, but not all of us together,
As one slips another rises so our help is there forever.
And now a sing a long on Fridays, life is becoming brighter,
Longer days are coming so days will be much lighter.
Our homes are being painted, tidied and spring cleaned.
Cupboards sorted, gardens tweaked, beyond what we’d have dreamed.
Look after each other, keep your distance, phone, message and write,
Wash your hands and sing the anthem then you’ll know it’s right,
Eek out that toilet paper and carefully use eggs and flour,
Take up new hobbies, read long waiting books and sing anthems in the shower.

Sheila North  


FUSION CHOIR – FLASH CHOIR AT THE WINCHESTER HATFAIR : 4th July 2020….put the date in your diary. We did it last last year and we have been invited to do it again. Theme – take to the streets.

Sheila’s party was brilliant….everything about it was joyous and the choir had a ball. It was a complete celebration and it was lovely that Barbara was there too. Thank you Sheila and Happy Birthday.

Wow, thank you so much for the card. Nearly in tears reading it, what a start to the day. Thank you everyone for your support and greetings, lots of love, Kate 

Worth sharing: a choir leader has contacted me to say they have listened to the Fusion Choir on YouTube singing the Mingulay Boat Song and loved it and they have requested professional permission to use the arrangement. It states on Youtube, Harmonies and arrangement by Marie O’Brien. Interesting…new territory!

THANK YOU FROM BARBARA: Thankyou everyone for the beautiful flowers you all sent me. I’m so lucky to have such love and support from a wonderful choir. Thinking of you all today and when I’m stronger I will be back . XX ❤️❤️ Barbara – lovely to see Barbara at Sheila’s party.

  • Various choir are travelling
  • Ruth are in Australia
  • Carol, alto, is having surgery to her knee and will be away until feeling fit to return – hope it goes well
  • Kay Duggan is recovering from pneumonia and will return in the spring – heal well
  • Welcome to our fabulous choir for a new year of singing
  • Welcome to our new singers – relax and enjoy
  • Heal well all choir who had illness, accidents and surgery but still came along to sing on Friday. Great to see you
  • Thanks to the tea rota girls and boys for nourishing and refreshing the choir
  • What a great start to 2020
  • A cheque for £950 was sent to each of our four Christmas concert charities: SVP, Gold, Friends of the Family, Rose Road

Previous relevant info:
19th February
Marjon, Anne and I spent Wednesday morning going the song portfolios and a few things have changed. If you already have the portfolios you need do nothing, just add Hine e Hine and Let it be and see the updated song index list and some updated pages that you will need to mark up.
If you have not yet printed the portfolios you will find everything there that you need, with a wider left hand margin. The portfolios are now in .doc – please check before you print that the pages are all in order. There are many websites that will accommodate the transfer of .doc to .pdf, if you would prefer. Also, if you wish a bigger typeface then feel free to alter your pages – whatever works for you. There will be no further changes at my end.
Also, the blog has changed.
A big thank you to Marjon and Anne.

Poem by Sheila

10 Jan 2020. – So pleased to hear you speaking and singing again, Sheila – your voice was gone for quite sometime and this poem shares it with us.

I lost my voice this Christmas.
I lost my voice this Christmas,
Where oh where’s it gone?
It was working well on Friday then Saturday all went wrong.
My mouth still shuts and opens and tries to make the words,
But all else has disappeared, not a peep is heard.
If someone else has found it, I’d really like it back,
I’ve grown accustomed to its pitch and tone, always seemed on track.
It wasn’t the best of voices but nor was it the worst,
It’s range just really suited me and I would rate it first.
It excelled at giggling and laughter, could really tell a joke,
Family and friends recognised it along with other folk.
Now I can’t  even whisper, not a croak or groan,
Makes me feel a bit isolated, silent on my own.
I can’t even hum, let alone sing, all really most bizarre,
Can’t communicate close by, let alone from afar.
When my voice heals and repairs I’ll welcome it back again,
I’ll value it most dearly and will try a short refrain.
Marie’s given me an exercise blowing bubbles down a straw,
Tony says a snorkel in the bath will heal my voice for sure.
I’m letting it rest, giving it time, it worked very hard just lately,
When it returns I’ll respect it more and enjoy it oh so greatly.


Liam and I post this every year because we love it so much and hope you enjoy as much as we do. Happy Christmas to you and those you love.

Liam and I wish you and your loved ones






Liam and I thank you for the singing, the fun, the memories and the good times.


We have raised a lot of money for charity.
Congratulations to each and everyone of our amazing choir.


Much loving kindness and cheerful spirit.


We meet again in the New Year on Friday, 10th January 2020.