Please see below new poems by Sheila North.
If you are inspired during this lockdown time and would like to share your inspiration with the choir (within reason) then do send to me.

August 2020

What ” not ” to wear!

Summer arrived with a burn and a sizzle, 
No gradual warm up from the clouds and the drizzle, 
With the air barely moving and hot steamy days,
Draw back the curtains and be greeted by the rays.

A lovely tepid shower to get the day started,
5 minutes bliss then all coolness departed, 
Visit the wardrobe to find a little sunsuit, 
Try this, try that, sadly nothing’s cute.

Hidden at the back a little off the shoulder top,
But after half an hour remember why it was a flop,
Off the shoulder great, but deary, deary me,
It was off and sliding down and more below the knee!!

Friend’s husband visited, outfit slightly dated,
Merino socks ditched, they would have been ill fated,
Sporting starched white calf length plus open leather sandals, 
Gleaming like Holywood teeth or two church candles!

Why do we pick the things that we never wear?
There’s usually a good reason why folks stop and stare,
We sort of get in ” care free” mode, summer heat crazy,
Heat causes dress sense to become extremely lazy.

Nature’s Orchestra (10 May 2020)

Quiet, listen and now really stop and hear,
There’s not a sound from far away, there’s not a sound from near,
Complete silence, so hushed to you it feels quite deafening,
Then the harder that you listen sound will be awakening.

There’s birdsong soft and tuneful, a real melodic background,
It really is the sweetest, embracing harmonic sound,
Finer and more exquisite than any orchestral composition,
It’s nature’s very best and finest exhibition.

Can you hear the breeze as it gently rustles in the trees?
The very faintest movement causing song from all the leaves,
And as the wind increases there’s a mellowing of the sound,
There’s a hum and a drone as branches are tossed around.

The first drops of rain fall silently from the skies,
So soft and so gentle they take you by surprise,
Pitter and a patter lightly drumming on the ground,
Rhythmic and throbbing, nature’s percussion has been found.

A soloist arrives and the central ground secured,
A blackbird, dressed for his performance, tallest tree procured,
His repertoire magnificent, the sound carries far away,
He greets us at dawn in the chorus and then he ends our day.

Nature’s Freedom (13 April 2020)

I sit relaxing in my hut while reading my book,
totally immersed in nature in every direction I look,
My surround is silent except for the song of the birds,
I’m encouraged to write and catch this moment in the richness of words. 

There’s the gentlest breeze just moving young leaves,
It brings a welcoming coolness which can only please, 
The perfume from lily of the valley is wafted my way,
I watch delicate flowers enwrapped in green as they gently sway.

A sound floats down as two swans fly overhead, 
Necks and legs extended, like aerial ballerinas to the skies they’re wed,
Rhythmic wings beat with their magical sound,
As to the water meadows their journey is bound  

A bumble bee joins me while in my hut, 
It briefly rests on the cover of my book now shut,
Most delicate legs and a body as soft as down,
Eager to continue his quest, hoping pollen will be found.

My garden is tiny but overflows with sights, smells and sounds, 
Ablaze with colours nature’s palette has no bounds,
I don’t feel trapped, restricted or confined,
But open to appreciate all of natures riches entwined.

Changing times (23 March 2020)

We are frightened and that has drawn us together,
We are sad and frustrated but this will not last forever.
We are on the cusp of lasting change in how our lives are lived,
Existence as we know it is being questioned and intensely quizzed.

Support and reassurance is always very close by,
Our choir will laugh with us and sustain us when we cry,
We will suffer, but not all of us together,
As one slips another rises so our help is there forever.

And now a sing a long on Fridays, life is becoming brighter,
Longer days are coming so days will be much lighter.
Our homes are being painted, tidied and spring cleaned.
Cupboards sorted, gardens tweaked, beyond what we’d have dreamed.

Look after each other, keep your distance, phone, message and write,
Wash your hands and sing the anthem then you’ll know it’s right,
Eek out that toilet paper and carefully use eggs and flour,
Take up new hobbies, read long waiting books and sing anthems in the shower.

Sheila North  

I have had delivery of my poetry books and have some spare for sale. £10.00 will cover my costs and make a small profit that I will donate to the new Winchester Hospice. Please pass on your name and address if interested and I will add you to my list. Many thanks.  sheilanorth@talktalk.net


FUSION CHOIR – FLASH CHOIR AT THE WINCHESTER HATFAIR : 4th July 2020….put the date in your diary. We did it last last year and we have been invited to do it again. Theme – take to the streets.

Sheila’s party was brilliant….everything about it was joyous and the choir had a ball. It was a complete celebration and it was lovely that Barbara was there too. Thank you Sheila and Happy Birthday.

Wow, thank you so much for the card. Nearly in tears reading it, what a start to the day. Thank you everyone for your support and greetings, lots of love, Kate 

Worth sharing: a choir leader has contacted me to say they have listened to the Fusion Choir on YouTube singing the Mingulay Boat Song and loved it and they have requested professional permission to use the arrangement. It states on Youtube, Harmonies and arrangement by Marie O’Brien. Interesting…new territory!

THANK YOU FROM BARBARA: Thankyou everyone for the beautiful flowers you all sent me. I’m so lucky to have such love and support from a wonderful choir. Thinking of you all today and when I’m stronger I will be back . XX ❤️❤️ Barbara – lovely to see Barbara at Sheila’s party.

  • Various choir are travelling
  • Ruth are in Australia
  • Carol, alto, is having surgery to her knee and will be away until feeling fit to return – hope it goes well
  • Kay Duggan is recovering from pneumonia and will return in the spring – heal well
  • Welcome to our fabulous choir for a new year of singing
  • Welcome to our new singers – relax and enjoy
  • Heal well all choir who had illness, accidents and surgery but still came along to sing on Friday. Great to see you
  • Thanks to the tea rota girls and boys for nourishing and refreshing the choir
  • What a great start to 2020
  • A cheque for £950 was sent to each of our four Christmas concert charities: SVP, Gold, Friends of the Family, Rose Road

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