John Wallace has been busy making virtual singing videos. This takes an incredible amount of time and effort. John is now inviting the whole Winchester Fusion Choir to take part – a huge undertaking.

Hi everyone

We’ve been thinking that it would be lovely to have a musical project that everyone has the opportunity to join in with. The project is taking shape now so this email is to ask you if you’d like to be part of the fun?

Here is the outline:


I am putting together an medley of 50’s and 60’s Rock and Roll songs with words (hopefully humorous!) adapted for lockdown. There is a serious message too, the final verse(s) are about thanking everyone – including drivers, carers, food producers and of course our fabulous NHS – who are working so hard and risking their lives to help us all through this situation.

Depending on how many people want to join in, I’ll might split the song into 2(ish) verse sections to make it simpler.

Harmonies – if there any at all they will be very simple (e.g. everyone sings the same melody but octaves apart), we’ll get some variation by having different voices singing different sections/phrases.


Some of the words relate to our favourite lockdown pursuits, including baking and so the song will (tbc) be a capella but accompanied by percussion based on anything we can find in our kitchens – Tupperware drums, saucepans (has any one got a gong?!), wine glasses, bags of rice, whatever sounds percussive!


The idea is to produce a publicly shared Youtube Video so to take part you’ll need a Video recording of you:

  • Singing
  • Percussing (not sure if that’s a word!)
  • Dancing or generally jigging about
  • Clapping

You don’t need to do all of those things, just whichever ones you feel like.

  • There may also end up being some sort of clothing colour/fancy dress theme too

To make the recording, you don’t need any fancy equipment, just a mobile phone, iPad, laptop, camcorder or whatever you have to hand.

So, that’s the outline…..


  1. Reply

If you’d like to join in please send an email by the end of Tuesday 12th May to: (same address if you have any questions too)

  1. Participation

If you are joining in (and I hope you do!), please give me an idea which one or more of these you would like to contribute:

  • Singing, Percussing, Dancing or generally jigging about, Clapping

You can change your mind later but some idea will help me to plan the video and song parts.

  1. Lockdown activity photo’s

If you have a still photo of:

  • a lockdown activity – serious/unusual/funny all welcome – please send it with your email (for inspiration/possible inclusion in the video).
  • A means of thanking the Covid workers and carers

4) Caveat particeps

Please be warned! I can pretty much guarantee that the video will NOT be of professional quality ! Since this is an experiment, it may prove too tricky to complete at all but we’ll have learned something and had some fun along the way whatever happens. Nothing ventured nothing gained!!

Best Wishes


So everyone, reply to John now and let’s get this moving along – such fun. If you miss the cut-off date then just send John an email and we will try to slot you in somehow.

Until we meet again, Liam and I send you our love.

Stay safe and well.

Much love


Marie O’Brien BCA
Choir Leader ♫♪Natural Voice Network
De-stress, Relax & Trust Counselling Therapist