An enormous thank you from Winchester Youth Counselling for the donation from our choir. The money was collected at our social evening at Littleton and the charity are absolutely delighted.


Thank you Liam for the photographs. Wonderful as ever. These photos will remain on here for only a few days. x

Thank you Wini. What a great event you organised. Simply marvellous.

WFC, you were brilliant and sang beautifully and looked so happy…such a joy to behold. All our work on Friday really shone through and the audience, filled with lots of EFC, our sister/brother choir, loved it. Our joy was palpable and gosh what a great response from all present.
Kate, received a standing ovation, wow!
Veronica, beautiful singing
Chris, great guitar playing
Wee group, lovely singing
Nancy, excellent conducting, well done
Maureen, beautiful flower arrangement in a lovely basket
Nancy, thanks for the gift for Eric
Trevor, thanks for the lovely choir roses
Liam, thanks for all you do
Wini, very well done, you pulled off a great night
Thanks for the flowers arranged by Maureen
Thanks for the bottle of prosecco for Liam

Trevor and Peter, thanks for looking after Eric.

And Eric – his act of genuine love and kindness touched me deeply. His speech, which couldn’t be heard but which I heard, and the award of the gold star, will remain one of the highlights of my life, as will this concert.

Wini, congratulations and well done.
Thank you from the Winchester Festival Choir!!!

Oops, that should read: Winchester FUSION Choir.

A great night.