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Winchester Radio, a new radio station, are coming along today to interview me and would like to interview some of the choir – anyone willing.  They are coming to the 4pm choir and if anyone from the 1.30pm choir and the 4pm choir would like to meet and speak with them that would be fabulous.  Just let me know at choir.



The wonderful Christmas concert committee met today to discuss the concert, learn from it and prepare for the next.  Thank you to Caroline, Marjon, Maureen, Nancy, Liz, Joanne, Kay and Peter for all they did to make the concert happen.  Also, to all who volunteered to do so much to support.  Your help, and the help of your loved ones is very much appreciated – we couldn’t have done it without you.  This year, we need to lighten the load and need volunteers – we need YOU.  Please speak to Marie or email:

We also want to choose the children’s charities now.  Please nominate a charity.  If you nominate you must be prepared to sit on the Christmas committee to represent and liaise with your charity.   Please email Caroline with your nominations:  We want to get this up and running asap.  So do nominate now.

We hope to have the concert on Friday, 7th December 2018 but this date and venue have still to be confirmed.

The songs we will sing – I will put the list up at the weekend and we will sing them throughout the year – strange singing Christmas songs so early in the year but we know we will be performing at our biggest concert and we need to be prepared.  Song suggestion – the Christmas Candle – anyone know it?